Multiple Grammy Award Winning Artist Janis Ian Donates Personal Archives to 宝博体育app下载

多次获得格莱美奖的唱片艺术家, songwriter and musician Janis Ian has donated her entire archives, 还有她父亲1937年的马丁D-18, to 宝博体育app下载’s 特别收藏及档案 at 哈钦斯库, w在这里 they will be made available for viewing and study in the future.


A personalized photo of Janis Ian and Dolly Parton from 2003 is one of the many items included in the Janis Ian Archives at 宝博体育app下载.


This 1977年詹尼斯·伊恩在日本演出的照片 was taken by Peter Cunningham and is one of the many photos included in the Janis Ian Archives at 宝博体育app下载.

A signed vinyl copy of Janis Ian’s “Fly Too High,1979年以45转每分钟的单曲形式发行.

这是Janis Ian的《宝博体育app下载》的签名黑胶唱片,1979年以45转每分钟的单曲形式发行, is one of the many items included in the Janis Ian Archives at 宝博体育app下载.

Not only will her devoted and loyal fans around the globe be able to view the memorabilia and materials of her decades-long career, 他们将能够支持保护的努力, 目录, digitize and display the priceless items at Berea and eventually in an online archive. Ian and 宝博体育app下载 are jointly establishing a fund to preserve the legacy of her career in perpetuity.

While many artists have received significant amounts of money for turning over their archives, The Janis Ian Archives are entirely different–Ian’s belief in 宝博体育app下载 is so strong that she has donated all materials without compensation. Her only stipulation is that records remain open to the public, not just academic researchers. To learn more about the Janis Ian Archives Fund or to donate, visit

The Janis Ian Archives are a unique resource for music history research, 让公众看到伊恩的生活和事业的证据, 包括出版, 录音和现场演出合同, 版权的文书工作, 纳税申报表, 合同和信件可以追溯到1964年. The extensive archival collection includes Ian’s grandparents’ immigrant papers, circa 1916. It also chronicles the House Un-American Activities Committee years with insights into her parents’ FBI files (and what FBI surveillance cost the family over the decades). Additional materials document the journey of Ian’s 1937 Martin D-18 guitar and her involvement in the civil rights, 妇女和同性恋权利运动.

“We are honored Janis Ian has chosen 宝博体育app下载 to house the archives from her remarkable life, and we look forward to making these items available to the public so others can get a glimpse of the significant mark she has made in the music industry and really all of American society,宝博体育app下载校长莱尔·鲁洛夫斯说.

Archivists at 宝博体育app下载 are currently 目录uing the collection, 哪些将在2023年向公众开放.

作为一名历史学家和档案保管员, it is truly amazing to be working to 目录ue and make available this priceless collection,蒂姆·宾克利说, 宝博体育app下载特别收藏和档案的负责人. “Traditionally, a collection of this magnitude would only be found in a big city. To have a collection like this at 宝博体育app下载 is quite an honor, and we look forward to completing the 目录uing of these items so they can be shared with the community and the world.”

出生在纽约州法明代尔.J., in 1951, Ian released her last solo studio album this past January. Titled “The Light at the End of the Line,” it garnered Ian her 10th Grammy nomination – coincidentally the exact same category as her first Grammy nomination.

“It takes a certain amount of maturity to realize that you don’t have to keep proving you can write,伊恩在她的传记中写道, 可以在她的网站上找到 “我已经创作了一批令我自豪的作品, and I’m old enough to realize that it’s the light at the end of the line that matters. 我不认为这是退休. 这是重新布线.”

更多关于詹尼斯·伊恩档案的信息可以在这里找到 在这里.

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